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About Us - PCS Chariot is now known as


To serve those who have served our country with great sacrifice.

We are a Not-For-Profit Corporation registered in the state of Colorado.

In our everyday life we take so many things for granted. We don't take the time to look at what God has made for us to enjoy. We at Physically Challenged Sportsmans Chariot Outdoor Adventures “PCS Chariot OA” know what impact Gods great outdoors has had on us. I myself have been enjoying it for over 40 yrs. The mending of the soul and mind just watching the outdoors come alive in the morning. The smells that mix in the breeze, the sounds you hear like birds chirping, ducks quacking water rushing over the rocks while you tie your first dry fly on your line, in hopes to catch the first trout that comes up the river your way. Standing in the water setting duck decoys before shooting time listening to the wings of a flock of teal fly overhead landing only 80 yards up the river. Then you and your buddies just stand there in awe and silence waiting for God to bless you with you first harvest that morning. This is our way of healing, away from the busy, rat race, noise infested world we live in every day. Opening up our hearts and minds to let God come in and thank him for what we have, and be healed by His presence. We love to share this with Soldiers that need time away from what they have been through. Provide a place to come so they can heal their wounds, through silence, fellowship, laughter, talk, and breaking bread together. Just being a friend, a glance with a smile of thanks, sharing this day with them. We let God do the healing we just provide the back drop.

Contact us : Guy Shay

Cell - 303-507-3111